Interpretation of performance problems and application statu

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circulator performance issues

For relatively low bandwidth of less than 15% of the field circulators and isolators are not normally a peak ( and higher order modes ) . When more than 25 percent for broadband , it was considered a ferrite junction circulator , equivalent open resonator. In this resonator has a resonant mode are mixed , i.e., high -order mode , the higher mode longitudinal unevenness in the center between the conductor and ground , uniform magnetic field , it disturbs the field distribution of the ferrite circulator , while there are a lot of radiant energy , but also because of the high order mode is generated so that a direct coupled input and output impedance of the circuit element is attached can form a resonant circuit . This makes the loss of the resonance frequency increased, the output of the phase rotation occurs , the characteristics of the circulator damage .

solution is :

1 . Center conductor can not deviate from the plane of symmetry . Center of the sample to ensure the unity of the center conductor concentric circle .

2 ferrite nonporous . Ferrite sample surface smooth, intact .

3 good contact between the ferrite and the ground .

4 . Applied bias magnetic field to be uniform .

5 . Assembly and welding clean and free of foreign matter. Interpretation performance problems and application status circulator

6 samples plus soft ground foil . Joints to smooth, non- Weld phenomenon .

ring 's application status

The stepper motor is energized in the state table cured in programmable read only memory EPROM , a reversible counter with a pulse signal for the pulse source plus ( or minus ) the loop counter method , the output of the counter to the EPROM address bus, a control counter plus ( or minus ) the count as the moving direction of the pointer control state table , as in the cured state EPROM word sent by the data bus sequentially , each phase of the stepping motor control amplifier circuit on or off . Thus, the reversible counter and EPROM on instead of a stepper motor drive power of the ring dispenser .

Hardware circuit is simple, only two parts counter and program memory , counting length can be achieved with a simple peripheral circuit . EPROM curing content is also very simple , no need for software design , just put a few of which can bezel .

Facilitate the achievement of the ring dispenser multifunctional device a slight increase , the appropriate length change count , could constitute multifunctional ring dispenser . Applies not only to the three-phase stepping motor response , and it applies to the use of 4-beat allocation of four-phase stepping motor response , this requires further solidified in the EPROM 4 beat allocation of state table and add an end as the A6 select the distribution side , then the memory address state table becomes OOH ~ 7BH, the increase is sufficient to store the address of a four-phase four various distribution shot.

To completely eliminate illicit Status table storage method for a variety of 3-phase distribution can be used to shoot 6 Cunfa Table 3, Table 5 can also be stored as shown in the state table , the latter deposit method , to every two pulse signal , the motor changed once energized , but also both the role of the distributor ring divider .